Friend Ship Goals

This picture are memorable for me becafriends. first algem and john rod met three yeas ago in sta.lucia high school in the pass year i have a new friend, name carlo and the year 2017 we are finish the junior high school. we are enrolled in AMA pasig near in san miguel tower. we are classmate together with strand STEM i can’t sure if i can passed this strand because manny student hard passed this. All the time we are happy together and have a hard trip some times if there think, i the time of lunch we are eat and sometimes we are going in other place like mega mall, sm east, sta.lucia, walking going school to house. One time rod have been sick because of ‘DWENDE’ me and my friends has worried. they miss some quiz and activity .Over night that day we are sleep in to one house and work hard to our portal to finished. 

Online games

Did you know playing online games are bad for our eyes? Theres 2.56 million people the eye is blur because of playing  this?

 but this game make you some happyness to prevent stress and others. But take note dont be adictive on online game because can waste your time and cause of problems.

🏢 building

In this generation the human are more high tech. In computer,gadgets,suit,food and transportation. And the one is the building, in the Philippine’s the city have a structures have been customize and the year 2040 the philippines are the one most  rich in asia.

In pasig manila many of building are already finish. And Nowadays many workers and employee’s have a normal work. Pasig is the 3rd rich in the philippines.

Posting Like Model

Summer we are travel in our province in Bicol. Manny of attraction in that place like Mayon volcano and ocean, white sand etc. The food that i taste ever since is the sinigang and Bicol express. that picture is in place cagsawa where the church has fallen many historical places I found in our province and visit yearly.


I encourage and I promise that day you never forget. More food, place, and ocean that can you swim anytime.House made in kawaya it’s so very fresh in the body to live.